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How many people have world book at home? Sitting on the book shelf for over 5-10 years without touching it, reading it and covered with a blanket of dust. I assume most of you will google, wiki if you need to find an answer, for looking a word? e-book to read novels and some use e-reader to read newspaper. Thinking of donating your thick and olden books? Why don’t play around with it before you carry 10kgs of books to nowhere!~ 


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We are Sustainable


Creasians Company Limited specializes in creating sustainable brand strategies with right brain values, soul oriented identities and communication materials that inspires as well as attract. We believe that the energetic imprint of your identity creates a vibration that will result in either a positive or negative brand experience. It has been proven that customers are attracted to a professional brand identity and image with consistent visual materials that clearly define the company’s values and what they represent.

We work in accordance with the nature of the universe and recommend solutions that support and sustain the planet wherever possible. As advocates, we can recommend printing on recycled, recyclable or FSC approved papers with soy inks and packaging solutions designed in bio-degradeable material.

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The strength of SUSTAINABILITY

Sustainability allows you to create a real sustainable value to the business of a company because companies no longer distinguished by the “What” of new and improved commodities, but by the “How” of Human relationships, shared values and common purpose.

With the strengh of sustainability your transaction becomes transformations, Marketing becomes Movement and Buying becomes growing the bottom line and change the world.

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Hello world!

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